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Miss.Farha, Trustee of the foundation trained as a journalist and has worked at some of India’s most reputed news organizations in the past. She started volunteering while still in college and her passion for grass-root social change eventually resulted in a jump from journalism to the social sector permanently.


I am more than happy to state that variety of social causes and activities No Tears has been associated with are steadily growing from strength to strength since its inception. Both my colleagues and volunteers have worked very sincerely and with dedication to make the campaigns, be it- Nasha Mukti- Jeevan Saakar, Free medical camps, Knowledge is power program, domestic & family violence, adopt a girl child or educating women highly successful and sought after. Before any funds were available, more and more people have opened their hearts and given their support to No Tears vision of providing free education. With collaborative efforts, we now provide eatables, clothing, books, etc. to the children and give them hope to live life in a better way.


I am confident that my young and dynamic team, who has a track record of accomplishment through sincerity and hard work, will make useful contributions to the organization like the way they have doing since past. 

I wish them great luck. ..




"As the country's development organization, NTF Trust is dedicated to strengthen the social movements continuing our traditional cooperation projects, but also forging new alliances and partnerships, exploring new approaches to new challenges and creating new ideas and ‘knowledge centers experts, academics, technicians and private business. No tears provides help, support, and operation based on the concept of providing both the type and level of cooperation to individuals or regions, ranging from peace building to sustainable economic and social welfare. Through such efforts, dynamic new ideas, we hope not only to revitalize the regional developing but also national progress. With more than 40 years of industrial experience, I solely would like to contribute in social welfare by combining ‘tried and tested' approaches in lessening poverty, gender inequality, food scarcity and problems faced by aging populations. Our early developments of what we label social interdependence–is a movement which will surely become even more important in the years ahead."      




Looking to the turbulence the world is passing through from past five to six years, challenge for shaping and developing society has become tremendously demanding. Keeping in mind the ever changing social conditions, No tears constantly strives to upgrade the standards of living of thousands of women, children, and elders who have been deprived of basic requirements of day-to-day life. The key mantra lies in our strategic planning and vision, with which we achieve small-scale changes directly through campaigns and projects related to welfare of society. Thanks to the public support and voluntary contributions, that No Tears has always been directly involved in local action, targeting and improving the problems from the grass-root level. To bring positive difference in society, wholeheartedly welcome your help and support. Together let’s focus on giving new wings to the dreams of thousands of people.




Advisory Board member

Mr.Rakesh Dulgaj, Secretary of NTF reckoned for handling multi-business, is gifted with vast knowledge,intellect, industry-networking-acumen, creative ideology and charismatic personality. The extraordinary believability of Mr.Dulgaj comes from his being firmly rooted to the Indian culture and its well defined society.


The Aim of No Tears is to help the poor and under privileged sections of society, provide social security, global development, and overall nation-wide progress. Besides the goal is to spread awareness and get the deprived people of the society their rights and privileges by helping them raising their standard of living. For achieving this our trust aim  is helping the poor children by imparting them education, making men and women aware about their own health & hygiene and that of family.

Campaigns and public support enables us to educate them at grass-root level about their rights and duties so that they can also contribute to the society and not just remain a dependable masses leading lives in complete darkness.



Advisory Board Member

It gives me great pleasure to be associated with No Tears which is engaged in helping the poor and the most needy so that they may stand on their own feet. I believe that they are also following my mantra  "For a noble cause strength comes from God" 


I wish them all the best in their endeavour and hope that they will succeed in their mission and show a better way to them to live with honour and dignity in future.



Media Consultant

Digital marketing consultant with a masters degree. Prior to joining NTF he worked with an news channels where he worked as special crime reporter.



Advisory Member

Mr. Rahul Pacharne, he is qualified and holds master degree in social work. He has headed various social campaigns and has invited to various forums. In NTF he brought with him a rich experience which helped our volunteers and team to spread knowledge and skills. He not only conducts educational workshops, but also helped in content writing for promotional materials  and fund raising campaigns. We can say God gifted him a special skill of writing and he is using it wisely.




Mr. Naseem is a Doctor. His association with NTF Trust is not limited to any particular boundary. However, on a major front, he conducts workshop with detailed presentations, discussions and critical evaluations of new findings  on behalf of the foundation.  Mr. Naseem involves deep discussion which is aimed at helping colleagues plan their next steps. provide continuous counselling with the ultimate aim to improve the quality of education. He allows participants to take active part in the discussions, during the programs that consists cases drawn from a common slide pool. This in particular allows transferring the same messages at each workshop, maintaining a high level of quality at each individual workshop. He believes that workshops are an ideal opportunity to network and receive an update on the latest information on various domains concerning progress of an individual or a group.




Mr. Prashant P.Pilley, a renowned name, he has worked with as a reporter in Navabharat Times during his early years. Mr. Prashant P.Pilley present an ideal opportunity to explore a subject area with leading his expertise. Enhancing knowledge and skills of students on wide range of topics, he conducts fund-raising workshops, educational workshops, etc. and deliver free lectures. The No tears workshops, hosted by Mr. Khan, are actively attended by experts, students, trainers and many others who believe in the power of participation. Participants in the past have appreciated the one-day structure as it provides the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the topic.The fund raising workshops have been specifically designed for grassroots and regional organization and are being offered at a very subsidized costs.  

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