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Has NO TEARS Foundation helped you or your organization in a way that you would like to tell to the world? NO TEARS Foundation team members and others would love to listen and learn from you. Please share your experiences with us in the testimonial thread of our site.

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"Name : Dimpy Kharbanda 

Location: Delhi

Profession: Volunteer Teacher 

Experience: 3+ years


Contribution: Teaching poor kids of slums, under 'Education Power Campaign of NO TEARS '

"Campaigns at NO TEARS has magical effect on so many. NO TEARS is inspiring, well organized, passionate and a privilege to be aligned with".  -- Dimpy Kharbanda



NO TEARS " is a great platform to exchange ideas and learn from people from different walks of life. Ever since I have been involved with NO TEARS , I have learnt about new causes, issues and read a lot of inspiring stories, helping me to lead my life in a better way than ever before”. -- Ravi Bhushan,Bihar.


“Last year NO TEARS organized free educational classes to the students that are forced to beg on the roads in Jaipur. When I learnt about it from my colleague, I made it a point to speak to the Trust Members personally. I myself volunteered to be a part of the tutorial panel and taught little kids about self hygiene and surroundings cleanliness, besides literary knowledge”.  -- Dr.Naseem,Dausa,Jaipur.

“In Agra stitching and embroidery is taught to young girls to enable them to be self sufficient for earning their livelihood in the project name “Aao Swabhimaan Bane”. Wheres sewing machines have been donated by the generous and kind souls, giving new directions to lives of many.” I myself volunteered to be a part of this amazing start-up and taught small girls to stitch,I remember their sparkling eyes with full of confidence and smiling faces,I am glad i was the part of such event. -- Shikha, Delhi.

NO TEARS give children with the opportunity to participate fully in their communities, to exercise their skills and talents, and to pursue their dreams. It has given my child not just free education but inspired us to contribute to the lives of others in any-which-way possible. -- Many Village women's on the free teaching given by NO TEARS .


(Translated by the Team NO TEARS )



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