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NO TEARS  welcomes everyone to help it in serving our society which requires massive attention. Here are the ways with which you can be a part of this family.


Dedicated to providing quality education to tribal and rural children.


(We request you to kindly help us in our honest attempts to do better and grow our services by helping in propagation, financial help and volunteers.)


  • How can you contribute? 















  • Foster Parent Schemes:

We solicit your support in the quest for providing education.The children of the nomadic tribes receive education through the pre-primary classes and the Free-school run by 'NO TEARS '.They look to the experience of living away from the strait-jacket of their tribal parents’ lives. You can help them in this hope. You can become foster parents to them. 











You will draw great happiness through this caring – 

we guarantee you that.






Sponsoring one School.


Budget for 25 children per Year


  • Total = Rs. 200000/- (Two lakh only)


Sponsor a pre-primary teacher per year:


  • Rs 60,000/- (sixty Thousand only)


Sponsor a primary teacher per year: 


  • Rs 84,000/-  (Eighty four thousand only)

 Annual supporting subscription:


  • Rs. 3000/- per child in a pre-primary class


  • Rs. 5000/- per child in a primary class


  • Rs. 25,000/- per child of a residential secondary school


There are so many ways you can be a part of  'NO TEARS ' and you can support this effort in many ways:


  • Volunteer with your skills

  • Donate generously

  • Support with donating material like uniforms, beds and furnishings, groceries, stationery, sports facilities and such

  • Sponsor an activity or

  • Any other way you may prefer to offer.


For more details please contact us:

Call at:+91-7017238219


Or Email



Please draw your cheque/draft in the name of :




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