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Education been given at schools


We annually give Donations in form of School Uniforms, food, books, and monitory help to poor and deprived students of variuos schools.


Besides, we support these schools by offering them voluntary teachers or paying salary of teachers working, in order to ensure no stoppage in the path of education delivered from here to kids.



Individual Help

The Trust takes up individual cases based on their immediate needs in localities of Dausa, Agra, Amroha, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai.


These individuals are then given educational support, in individual capacity, who are at risk of discontinuing their studies due to impoverished circumstances and have exhibited outstanding academic record.



Community/Event activities. 

We are always in the forefront in social and community activities last over 5 years to empower women in distress in many ways through films and shows.


In collobration with ‘FIF Production’ NO TEARS  organized the event last year to empower women who may be in distress so that they may overcome any difficulty on the spot to live with dignity and honour.


We believe it is high time to conduct such events periodically as the incidents of such crimes against women have increased rather than brought under control. It will give an opportunity to women to overcome the intricacies involved for their safety.


In other words we are empowering the community at large to live fearlessly and face the challenges, if any, in life without outside support and become independent.


AIM- To provide assistance  to women who have been raped, abused or are in difficult domestic situations with temporary safe haven to get the chance to get the professional help they need. 

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