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(Nukkad Program to create awareness for Polio)

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PulsePolio Campaign
no tears foundation ngo
no tears foundation ngo
no tears foundation ngo

Polio – a disease that has disabled millions of people, further dragging them to face disability and poverty – has been reduced by dedicated efforts worldwide. But is it enough? It is necessary that every year we take an initiate to show consistency in wiping out Polio by reaching even the hardest-to-reach children with voluntary health services.

Therefore, NO TEARS  believe that every child deserves the chance for a healthy life. And through the provision of polio drops and vaccines, NO TEARS  help ensure a better future for millions of children in India. 


We do nukkad programs to create awareness specially in these areas of Uttar Pradesh:

  • Badarka( Primary health Center)

  • Shatra Nagar

  • Badyana

  • Kurena

  • Moosalpur

  • Jahangirpura

  • Nayapura

  • Sheetalpura

  • Sakhwara

  • Shurapura

  • Nedera Kerla



We welcome you to make the most of this window of opportunity and fully fund polio eradication efforts through to the end. Together, we can create a brighter future for many innocent dreamers.

no tears foundation ngo
no tears foundation ngo
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