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NO TEARS aims at:


  1.   Promoting global partnerships for global development

  2.   Education & skills training of poor children as well as women

  3.   Good mental & physical health of poor people

  4.   Health Awareness

  5.   Fulfillment of food & nutrition requirement

  6.   Safe and solid shelter for aged

  7.   Employment of needy women, widows, mothers who are single parent, and poor ladies.


In spite of our work, investment in education for children and social services in addition to infrastructure is relatively non-existent in these areas. Thus, the foremost goal of our foundation is to create a non-profit centre of sustainable living that will function as a place in which dreams may come true for abused women and children.


NO TEARS  seeks funding assistance to build a center to help these abused and neglected women and children in various cities of India. It aims to create a non-profit center of sustainable living that will function as a place of nurturing, educating (formally and informally), and economically empowering disadvantaged and abused women and children in the local areas.


The support and education provided by our foundation will not only give these women and children the power to pursue their life goals— but it will also contribute to the sustainable development of the local community in the process.



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