MYTH BUSTERS COVID-19 : There is a lot of false information around. These are the facts.

People of all ages CAN be infected by the corona virus. Older people, and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as disease) appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus.

  • Cold weather and snow CANNOT kill the CoronaVirus .

  • Hand dryers are NOT effective in killing the coronavirus.

  • There is NO evidence that regularly rinsing the nose with saline has protected people from infection with the coronavirus.

  • The coronavirus CAN be transmitted in areas with hot and humid climates.

  • Ultraviolet light SHOULD NOT be used for sterilization and can cause skin irritation.

  • Garlic is healthy but there is NO evidence from the current outbreak that eating garlic has protected people from the coronavirus.

  • The coronavirus CANNOT be transmitted through mosquito bites.

  • Thermal scanners CAN detect if people have a fever but CANNOT detect whether or not someone has the coronavirus.

  • Antibiotics DO NOT work against viruses, antibiotics only work against bacteria.

  • There is NO evidence that companion animals/pets such as dogs or cats can transmit the coronavirus.

  • Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body WILL NOT kill viruses that have already entered your body.

  • To date, there is NO specific medicine recommended to prevent or treat the coronavirus.

  • Taking a hot bath DOES NOT prevent the coronavirus.

  • Vaccines against pneumonia, such as pneumococcal vaccine and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine, DO NOT provide protection against the coronavirus.

Note : Content is Sourced from World Health Organization

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