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#No Tears Foundation is a non-political, non-profit organisation committed to the development of rural India. It began in November 2013 in a remote village in Dausa, Rajasthan and it was registered under The Indian Trust Act, 1882 in 2017, its headquarters is now located at Mumbai, India. #No Tears Foundation is working in over 65 villages/cities in the Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra.

 Our Functional Areas:

  •   Gender equality

  •   Women empowerment & safety

  •   Human welfare /  Human rights

  •   Promotion of Self employment by providing vocational training to women and youth.

  •   Promotion of Education, and Skills Development training.

  •   Creation of Self Helps Groups and trains them to start Social Business Projects.

  •   Spreading awareness of Health and hygiene, AIDS control, Malaria and Dengue Control.

  •   Sustainable management of natural resources

  •   Promotion of rural technologies

  •   Education and awareness generation

  •   Micro-credit for village projects

  •   Environmental issues and the marginalised & deprives sections of the rural community.

  •   Rehabilitation of underprivileged children - orphaned, abandoned, destitute and other vulnerable sections of society.

  • Health campaign for prevention HIV/AIDS, Acid Survivors, Cancer Survivors.


#No Tears Foundation transfers knowledge to village communities through education and empowerment. #No Tears Foundation (#NTF ) strongly believes that collective participatory action is required for balanced and sustainable community development.

#No Tears Foundation, by generating the desire in the underprivileged to improve their own living conditions, help people to live a life of dignity and self-respect.

#No Tears Foundation focus is on BPL (Below Poverty Line) / LIG (Low Income Group) population belonging to all castes, religions and sects and particularly people residing in villages where educational, medical and transport facilities are meagrely available. The trust is regularly working for uneducated, poor, oppressed, disadvantaged, and marginalised people of all castes, religions and sects and helping them to improve their quality of life.


Prime Locations Like – UP, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, MP were deliberately chosen by No Tears Foundation considering the major problems faced by people there. The helpless, deprived, and unaware group of local people required special attention and effective ways of imparting knowledge about various alarming issues concerning their society, health & lifestyle.

'NTF' strives to bring positive changes by three ways:

1).  Bringing enlightenment through knowledge

2).  Targeting root-causes through special campaigns

3).  Bridging the gap between scarcity and availability

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