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Does the road you travel determine where you end up? Of-course it does. For instance, if you drive through mud, your car will be dirty. If you drive over rocky terrain your suspension will be screwed. If you drive through a lot of hectic sunlight the color of the car will fade. Thus, that which you end up with is a direct by product of the journey you took. Our childhoods are obviously influenced by the parents, but on the road out of childhood we can see many side-paths and highways along the way, and with the right influences or hard headedness, we can decide which roads we will take. Sometimes a side-path will look tempting and we make a false journey but so long as we keep the high road in our minds, there is always a way back onto it and we have a choice.


NO TEARS  is formed with many brilliant people coming together from the most torrid and horrid backgrounds. These are some masterminds who have been the product of the privileged world, but boils down to self esteem and strength of character on seeing women and kids who are dreamers but helpless due to unpleasant circumstances and depravity they have always remained surrounded with.


The non-profitable organization, NO TEARS , is run by hundreds of conscientious professionals indulged in Social Work, Marketing, Public Relations and Media to make the foundation a medium to address and correct various major and minor social problems effecting lives of many poor but energetic and hopeful people. 

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