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At, NO TEARS  we have a team of diligent professionals, intellectuals, academicians from the fields of Research, Marketing, Public Relations & Media, and activists from different walks of life, working together to majority contribute in the sphere of human welfare.


We believe that ideas are created by teams, not individuals. We challenge our teams every day to get faster and smarter and to support and encourage each other throughout the process because at the end of the day, it is the team score that matters.


We are a team of enthusiastic, versatile people who take pride in our work and are dedicated to the social success.Our each and every team member has extensive experience in data management technologies, business intelligence and enterprise data integration. We attract and recruit the best and brightest in our field - people who have a deep understanding of how society moves and improves in forward direction.



Our Team builds our company and leads by senior officers with a track record of delivering results in each campaign we undertake. We work in a non-hierarchical, highly collaborative environment where we all share a single goal: to bring positivity in lives of many. Our team earns consistently excellent references and the chance to work with some of the world's top firms simply because of one fact: we care more about overall success of social missions than anything else.

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