Help the Elder's during Covid-19 crisis. They Need You!
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Hey! This is Important - DO YOU LOVE ELDERS?? IF 'YES' THEN IS FOR YOU!

Spreading Happiness & Dignity by helping elderly people during this critical time. So that their Smiles Remain Young and they Age gracefully without distressing of becoming a burden on their families!!

With every passing day, many middle and BPL class families are stressed for their necessities like food, medicines, clothes, and daily essentials. Till now, No Tears Foundation has aided above 35 thousand distressed families and planning to help more without putting any load on pockets in this critical scenario. 

We all know that we spend the maximum to run cover our own & family expenses and for us, it’s hard to devote anything when it comes to social responsibility and we always ran out of money.  No Tears Foundation has initiated a campaign to support humanity without compromising families expenditures, all we need to do is to contribute only ‘One Rupee’…yes ! you got it right ! Only One Rupee A Day.

Believe it or not, a mountain is made of tiny grains of Earth and an Ocean is made of tiny drops of water. 

'One Rupee' has the power to transform the society. Started with a simple concept of accepting donation of just one rupee from our compassionate donors, we are planning not to leave any stone unturned to make the elderly's life better, by taking significant steps towards cumulative and compelling positive change. One Rupee x 365 = Rs.365 a year !  It’s that so tough??? We hope, it’s not!

Your one rupee can bring bliss and allow the elders to live with self-respect, dignity in their own houses, these elderly people have become a burden on their children because of pandemic and they bear the brunt.

Moreover, they are severely been tortured due to paucity of food and money in their own houses, numerous families have thrown their parents out from their own homes, & now this old people are living a miserable life on roads, bus and railway stations.

With your one rupee, we can support, we can take care of their accommodation, food, medication, and their basic needs. We assure you, your noble donations will be exclusively used for aiding the senior citizens to end their plight. 

Let's become their strength!! Please support and contribute.

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About Us


NTF is a non-political, non-profit organization committed to the development of rural India. It began in November 2013 in a remote village in Dausa, Rajasthan and it was registered under The Indian Trust Act, 1882 in 2017, its headquarters is now located at Mumbai, India. NTF is working in over 65 villages/cities in the Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra.

nonprofit organisation

No Tears is dedicated to  transform lives  of underprivileged children

women, and elders, by helping

them to attain their basic rights in life.

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Is a world where people without poverty and illiteracy and our objective is to improve the lives of disadvantages section of the society. 


There are various social causes we support and promote within and outside

our  Trust like-Education for all, Elder Protection, Women Empowerment, Anti-drug life



NO TEARS welcomes everyone to help it in serving our society which requires massive attention.Here are the ways with which you can be a part of this family.


Bank Account: ICICI BANK


A/c No.102805002370

IFSC Code: ICIC0001028


Branch: Andheri (W), Mumbai


Donation Link : https://rzp.io/l/JQiqL3e


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(Imp:We always keeps the personal details of donors strictly confidential.)

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